Friday, October 15, 2010


I toned down/greened down the colors and I think it's almost done.  Going to let it sit a while and I'll decide then.

No time to paint today.  Cleaning the house a bit and then babysitting for our 2 year old grandson.  He should keep us hopping until we take him to his other grandma tomorrow.

Smudge is not happy - he just got past the granddaughters chasing him around the house and trying to grab his tail; now we bring in another grand to start all over! ha ha


Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

I admire your caring for the grand kids, but poor Smudge! Is there a child on the planet who can resist the desire to catch, pick up and hold a cat or kitten? I think not.
Have a great day.

RHCarpenter said...

Gary, it was a fun day and night and Smudge avoided him most of the time. Devlin is pretty easy-going although he did have his I AM TWO moments! ha ha

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Hi Smudge! heehee poor thing, I can invision the girls running after him lol

Hey, just one thought about the painting, the more you're working on it the better an abstract it seems, to the point that somehow now it looks to me as if that face didn't need to be there at all, am I talking crazy? what I mean is that in the previous stage it looked like the main thing and now the painting as a whole seems the main thing instead of the face, interesting and really a soothing image to me Rhonda, you've done a great work with those colors IMO

RHCarpenter said...

Teresa, I'm glad you're seeing it in a good light and like it! Yeah, poor Smudge :( He's such a big baby, he probably just missing the attention from me when a toddler is in the house!