Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My painting partner this time for the SWAP group lives in Australia and she sent me this lovely painting of a white egret (or perhaps it's a heron?) in a misty backdrop. It's so beautiful and the photo doesn't do it justice but I'm sharing it here and saying a big:

"Good on ya!" to Joy in OZ :)

She sent it along with a little companion piece, perhaps a chaperone as it travelled through the mail systems from Australia to the US...I'm calling him Curious George since he reminds me of the monkey in the children's book - looking for trouble, I think!

These SWAPs happen every few months and it's such a great treat to get something from far away, something very different and interesting to hang on my wall or put in my collector's book.


Vicki Greene said...

I really like the oriential look to Joy's painting and curious George is so cute! Thanks for all of the hard work that you do to make SWAP a success!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'm glad you are a part of SWAP!