Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just read this post from Brett Blumenthal at Sheer Balance:

6 Personality traits to admire and acquire (Brett thinks these are also the rarest or most difficult to find):

1. Selflessness 2. Tolerance 3. Genuineness
4. Sensitivity 5. Integrity 6. Humility

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to read the whole post.
(I only wish she'd listed people who fit all these categories, not those who don't - or are they really so rare, it's hard to find someone for each category?) Do you know a person who fits a specific category? Or perhaps a rare person who fits all six?

I'm working on all but not feeling like I'm doing a very good job lately. Stress brings out the best or the worst in people - maybe I'm somewhere in between?


Chris Beck said...

Very interesting -- I've recently gone through a rough spot with some people who could benefit from reading this -- but who's gonna send them the link?? ;-DD

debwardart said...

1 - nowhere near that one yet!
2 - I try to put myself in others' shoes - and we know I can "tolerate" Mike!!!
3 - I'm pretty good here, too - WYSIWYG!
4 - If anything I'm overly sensitive to others' feelings.
5 - I like to think I've got this one covered but better not put my hand on a Bible!
6 - Sometimes yes, sometimes no!
I think we all fluctuate - but if we usually fit into most of these categories, we are doing good! And I (as well as my husband!) can attest that stress definitely brings out my worst!!! Don't beat yourself up emotionally - you are very stressed right now - but it will pass and things will be back to normal very soon.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Rhonda, Don't be too hard on yourself. Interesting list. Frankly, I disagree with selflessness as a virtue. Helping other people and sensitive to them is a virtue but I know too many people, mostly women, who suffer from being too selfless. A little bit of selfishness is a good thing for each of us, makes us happier and in turn makes us better people to be around.

Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I have seen many of these attributes in you from your posts. You're doing just fine.

In one of my trainings years ago, I was told that nobody likes or relates to a perfect person. If you are perfect, mess up. I have taken these words to heart and mess up on a regular basis with no guilt!

Teresa said...

Too difficult a goal to achieve all those traits, I set 3 for myself and it's so difficult to achieve them so better not even try with these!
Guess a good balance is good enough Rhonda, even more when you are going through a stressful situation, don't be too hard on yourself!
How's Jerry doing?

RHCarpenter said...

This little bit of info sparked some good comments :) Thanks, Chris (I know what you mean - toxic family and friends can really make it hard) - here's hoping 2010 turns into a fantastic year for us all!
Deb, I was sure you had all these covered?? You mean you don't? Ah, well, if you were perfect, you couldn't stand me, I guess, so that works out.
Myrna, I like what you said about selflessness and women - so true so many times. I'm taking your advice and allowing myself to be imperfect today - so there! haha
Teresa, you are perfect, I know :) But just imperfect enough to be human - like the rest of us! Jerry is healing, slowly but surely and moving well around the house. In a few days, I'll have a hard time keeping him in the house unless we get more snow!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Yea Myrna! Of all the comments, I have to agree with Myrna's the most. We let selflessness trump all these other virtues, to our detriment. It's taken a lot of years to reach the point where I can demand some selfishness on my part, and the permission for that from whomever was there all the time...I just never thought I should. Demanding "me time" is very important for our souls and for those for whom we help and care.

Chris Beck said...

Really enjoyed reading all the comments -- I guess moderation in all things is still a good plan when it comes to things like selflessness and humility -- we don't get much done if we spend all of our time serving others, and we often don't get recognized for accomplishments if we're too reticent.

I'm sure we've all been in stressful situations where we didn't exhibit all (or even some!) of these traits, but we have to cut ourselves some slack -- it's the overall picture that's important.

RHCarpenter said...

Hey, Susan and Chris. I guess we can be too hard on ourselves when we're stressed. I'm getting more sleep now so feeling better. Still could use a day to paint and do nothing else...well, maybe paint and eat chocolate and have a Starbucks and get some exercise and... :)

Cindi said...

wow lady, you really make me think!! i sure try hard on all of these.. but to get them all together in one day..??? note sure ive made it... cetainly not on any regualr basis... but it might be great goal for 2010!! thanks, hope you are doing well and painting lots!!

Chris Beck said...

Rhonda, I was with you there on your wish list until the part about exercise!! LOL!!

RHCarpenter said...

Chris, you made me laugh! Don't worry, every time I exercise, I eat some chocolate to balance things out :) hee hee
Cindi, this was an interesting article and thought I'd pass it on. Not sure any of us can do anything but try...but trying is a good thing!