Thursday, January 7, 2010


We are supposed to get our first "real" snow of the season today, dumping up to 7 inches on us. Again, another reason to hibernate until spring!

I recently watched The Little Chocolatiers on TLC, about a couple who own and run a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City. I enjoyed watching them create a huge garden using just chocolate. Then I watched a contest for the world's best chocolatier. Chefs came from all countries to try to win the coveted award. And the things they created with chocolate were amazing! Much too elegant and pretty to even eat :)

So, I've been thinking about chocolate! I decided to paint something with that in mind, found reference photos from Google Images, and painted this for an online group. Using the same 3 colors on different surfaces, I used Lunar Earth, Quinacridone Gold and French Ultramarine Blue on Arches 140# rough paper and on Yupo plastic paper. You can see the difference in the look. I like them both but they are very different :)

Painting on Arches rough 140# paper.

Painting on medium weight, white Yupo paper


debwardart said...

Yum!!! I saw a "Martha" segment about chocolate and how it's grown, roasted, squeezed, and made into what we love to eat; very interesting. Lot of work goes into it so guess we really should savor it! Happy Snow Day!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Rhonda, we have had our share of snow days already in Ottawa. I am definitely ready for spring already:-)
It is very interesting to see the same subject painted on such different papers. Like you, I like both effects.

Nick said...

As I recall, you're another migraine pro who needs to be careful with chocolate...heck with it, I consumed an ill-advised amount of sinful delights the past few weeks and, yes, paid the price. Maybe we enjoy it more than other people because we appreciate it more?

Ann Buckner said...

Interesting differences between the two paintings. Love the texture in both.

RHCarpenter said...

Deb, they actually have a cocoa tree in the Krohn Conservatory that we took photos of several years ago - but I couldn't find those shots so had to use google images. Happy Snow Day x 2!!!
Christiane, I imagine our bit of snow is nothing to your people in the north :) but it really causes havoc here when we get over 4 inches in one day - yuck!
Nick, you are right - and I spent most of the day yesterday curled up in bed with the blankets over my head in a dark room - not fun - so back off the chocolate until I forget again!!
Thanks, Ann! Glad you like them.
Glad for the comments, all, and that you like these little paintings. It's fun to try different surfaces and see what happens. I may do a couple more.

Chris Beck said...

Rhonda, I like both of your posts on using the same pigments on diff. papers. Neat cacao pods!!

I know Lunar Black is magnet sensitive -- as in, you can rearrange the wet wash by running a magnet under the paper. Wonder if the Lunar Earth stuff is too?

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Chris :) I didn't know that about Lunar Black and magnets - will have to try it with the black and lunar earth I have - now that could be fun :)

Gillian said...

Hi Rhonda - thank you for dropping by my blog. I just knew I'd like your work by the words 'watercolor' and 'chocolate'. I like the differences between the two papers - it's good to be aware of how papers can affect our art.
Will add you to my list too.x

Art by JoyMac said...

Really yummy your painting of the Cocoa bean is great.
No snow here just red hot up in the 40s C YUK....I need to go to Alaska LOL
Joy in OZ

RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Gillian - thanks for stopping by and commenting - I look foward to seeing more of your work as I catch up with your blog.
Joy, too hot??? You don't have to go as far north as Alaska - you could just go to Florida right now, it's so cold there!!