Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Class Canceled due to WINTER

Another watercolor class canceled due to the winter weather coming in today - predicted another 3 inches of snow on top of what we still have on the ground. Some of that thick ice will be on the sidewalks until spring, I'm sure of it!

So - time to practice and study and learn even if I'm not in class.

Here are a couple of great quotes from Tony Couch:

"The artist that improves is one who is interested in improving. He or she does the things, spends the time, and goes through whatever toil is required to learn, while the less interested artist skips over it."

Also, he has a formula for this:

W x T = I
(W - more Work;
T - more Time spent working;
I - faster Improvement)

So does that mean it's going to be easy? Apparently not! Mr. Couch also says, "While you practice, keep in mind that watercolor painters are divided into two groups: those who have been discouraged and those who are going to be discouraged. There's nothing wrong with discouragement; it's part of the game. The crime lies in quitting because of it."

Now go paint or study or...work those brushes!


Myrna said...

This is exciting. I have not heard of pouring miskit. Have you discussed this before on your blog? Any little tricks one needs to know before trying it? Interested artist want to know!

Myrna said...

Rhonda, this looks exciting. I have never heard of pouring miskit. Have you discussed this technique on your blog? Are there any special things one needs to know before trying it...like maybe thinning the miskit?

RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, I use Pebeo Drawing Gum (what Sandy Maudlin uses - she learned the technique from Stephen Blackburn, who only paints using this technique). Pebeo is a thinner misket than W/N or others - you pour a drop or two out on your board, then tilt it and let it run AND to keep from getting hard lines, you take a spray bottle of clean water and spritz the line as is moves, creating more organic shapes that move along. You do this several times on the paper/board, spritzing to help it move and bleed out like the limbs of trees. It does work with other misket but I like the Pebeo Drawing Gum the best. Then you leave the misket on and start your pours of pigments. The misket doesn't come off until th end of the painting.

Myrna said...

Thanks for the explanation. Now I have to buy some Pebeo Miskit. I made the second comment when I thought the first got lost!

RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, more toys! ha ha You can think the drawing gum but it's so thin you don't need to do that at all but it works well with spraying it around.
I figured the first comment didn't come through - Blogger does have a few glitches at times.