Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Qualicum Beach - Farmer's Market, Train Station, Etc.

Saturday morning and Qualicum Beach has a regular farmer's market. Larger than our local one and it had more offerings than just vegetables. They even had a bit of entertainment :)

One gentleman seemed perplexed why I would be taking a photograph of the peppers until I told him they would make a lovely painting.

The lady at the stall who had the garlic also looked like she didn't know why I was taking a photo of them. Seemed a bit perturbed but I walked away before she could say anything.

It was hard to get really good paintable prints since the sun was blindingly bright (must be the clean, clear air that makes the sunshine seem so strong) but most of the items were under canopies so in the shade.

This is the little train station that runs tourist trains back and forth from Victoria to Qualicum Beach. The locals would like to use it but the hours aren't convenient for them to get into Victoria, spend any time and return all in the same day - or even in two days.

Susan took Teddy to a neighbor's house for the day Saturday after the Farmer's Market, and we took off for a hour's drive to Ladysmith where our intentions were to see Yellow Point Cranberry Farm, Hazelwood Herb Farm, and have a pub lunch at the Crow & Gate, a British pub. Good thing we got to the Crow & Gate early because they were having a Porche rally and it was packed!
The food was hearty and very good. By this time, we felt we had eaten enough to last us the whole trip so tried to be more careful in our eating so Jerry and I usually shared any sandwich I got and he'd have soup and I'd have a salad or something. Plenty. And no more desserts except for a dessert "night-cap" at Susan's with dinner in the evening :) Well, it is a vacation, afterall! :)

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