Friday, September 26, 2008

Painting for a Group Project

Our monthly project for September was: Scarecrows and Blackbirds of all kinds

And then we had a group photo (we all paint from the same photo) shared by Gina - it was one she picked out from WetCanvas' Image Library (all copyright free).

Since I was running out of time but wanted to paint something for this month, I combined them all and came up with this. Not a great painting. Just cute, I guess. And the first thing I've been able to share since coming home (can't show my SWAP painting until my partner gets it).

Jerry titled this one "Ravenous" because that's one big raven and looks like he can take on that scarecrow easily. I wanted it to look like the raven was closer to the viewer and then the other things farther away. I may paint some more ravens and crows - I like black birds and you can put so many colors in them. It would be fun to play with "black" for a while.

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