Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Read Any Good Mysteries Lately?

I recently discovered a new author I really enjoy = Jim Kelly. He writes really entertaining and interesting British mysteries.

The last book of his I read is The Coldest Blood.

Each book (there are 5 in the series so far) are written about the same characters: a journalist, Philip Dryden, who works in a small village for a small paper in the English Fens (The Crow). What brought him from London and a good job and large readership to his small village where he was raised is a tragedy that affected his life in a large way (I'm not giving away anything in case you want to read them). Dryden travels around (he doesn't drive) with a cabbie who never leaves his taxi if he can help it and is always listening to languages tapes in the car because he goes away on holiday once a year to a new country and likes to learn the local language. Dryden gets involved in solving some mystery each time and finding out more than the police investigators because of his knowledge of the local people and his contacts in London. Two very eccentric characters make this more than your standard Brit Mystery. Since I only have one more to read, I hope Jim Kelly is working on another because once you get involved in these, you want the characters to have a good ending.

The books in order are:

The Water Clock
The Fire Baby
The Moon Tunnel
The Coldest Blood
and the latest one which I haven't read yet:
The Skeleton Man

Now it's off to the chiropractor's for another session...reminds me of Eddie Izzard's comedy sketch about going to a chiropractor and how they love to "crack your back!" because they love the sound! ha-ha


Myrna said...

Hope you are mending quickly. In the meantime, when you run out of these books I can recommend another series that has me spending waaaaaay too much time reading! The first book is called "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. It has 627 pages. The next book over 700 pages and the third (out of 6!) has over 800 pages. Enjoy!

RHCarpenter said...

I feel like I really am on the mend now, Myrna. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Outlander may be something I'll look for next trip to the library. I just finished a Lynda La Plante mystery (she is the author who created and wrote for the Inspector Jane Tennyson series on BBC and Mystery on PBS).