Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Class Today

No watercolor class today because Sandy Maudlin is teaching a watercolor batik workshop this week and is in Oxford, OH. Hope she has fun. I know the class will be "most excellent!"

So I should paint today like I'm in class. I should. Since I haven't touched Fem since I updated it last time. Too hot! When it gets above 80F and humid and sticky, I just don't feel inspired to do anything.

Okay, enough excuses. I'll post something later today on the painting - promise...and thanks to everyone for their comments on it - these get to a point where I just don't know where to go with them so all the comments help me figure that out. And since I don't have an update on the painting, I'll share this cool and refreshing photo taking at a garden spot in Ormond Beach, Florida. A lovely waterfall to cool me down...

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