Monday, June 2, 2008

Ugly Stages Make Me Freeze

Since I've tried the cordyline painting (twice now) and feel it's not going well - and the first, you know, was a total disaster! - it's got me frozen.

When that happens, I just sit around and watch movies or read instead of even thinking about painting.

Maybe I'm resting my brain?
Or I'm just avoiding the hard part of pulling a dog out of the basket, giving him a good brushing and making him look good!

So nothing of mine to show you BUT I did get one more anniversary painting and a lovely card from Denise in Washington! With just a few well-placed marks on the paper, Denise has indicated the rain coming down and puddles to splash in for the kids! Love it!!

And the card is beautifully done. I'm wondering if the paint was put down and allowed to blend on the paper and then the dolphins were lifted out?

And I finally got Jerry to download his photo, taken from the interstate, of one of his billboards. The billboards are on the interstates (I-75, I-71, I-471) around OH-KY and right now they are showing Jerry's photo of George, our red-eyed tree frog. They look pretty good!! HONK if you see one!

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