Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's Anniversary Painting and Card :)

I got another card and original watercolor painting today! And here I thought there would be no more coming my way! This lovely, bright, clean painting of an unusual arrangement of gerbera daisies came from Ontario, Canada and Dorena. Thank you so much, Dorena!!!

And the card is an original, designed and painted by Dorena, although her kitty, Nepenthe, took some credit, too :) Thank you, Nepenthe!! (Can you see the numbers in the design signifying the 5th year anniversary and the 20th SWAP? So clever!!!)
They are both beautiful!

Sandy wore us out today in class. Lots of thinking and planning and drawing and working on composition and trying to lighten up and be our 6-year-old selves again, working on something a la Chagall...not realistic, fantasy, flattened, playful.
Not easy! haha And when we got ready, we were to transfer our images to transluscent yupo (but the yupo didn't get delivered so I tried on regular yupo but made a mess with the graphite soooo....
nothing to show today but maybe tomorrow I'll have it cleaned up and ready to start painting...maybe.)
We worked on a grid within a grid (George James technique) and the good white shape (John Salminen technique) and then combined them and...well, our heads were spinning!

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