Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday - New Pics

Here's a couple of new pics from Jerry's photo-shoot on Saturday. I'm using one for the new blog pic of me - not too horrid. Jerry hates it if I don't smile in my photos - but how is a girl supposed to look mysterious and glamourous with a big smile and squinchy eyes??

No painting yesterday or today. Went to a family thing and visited with everyone and celebrated all the Dads in the family - then home to watch golf and see what Tiger Woods could do at the end = pretty good!! Watching Tiger today, too, off and on. Do you think he'll win again? He's got his red shirt on so how could he lose, right? Although Rocco is also fun to watch. And I don't even play golf.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

You already had a nice-looking blog, it now has an even more professional look with that great photo of you gracing the front page! Nice photography, Jerry!


Ann Buckner said...

I enjoyed the photographs Rhonda. I can see why Jerry wants you to smile, you have a beautiful one.

Ann Buckner said...

I posted a comment yesterday and it hasn't shown up. This is the 2nd time that has happened when posting. I like the all the photos Rhonda and can see why Jerry likes for you to smile, you have a beautiful one.

Also, I'm thrilled by the canning jars painting. The colors are wonderful and the apple looks even better in real like because one can see the nuances of value and color changes. Thanks so much for the painting!

Dawn said...

lovely portraits Rhonda! you are beautiful!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Susan :) Jerry does pretty good work, even if he had me as a model rather than a frog! ha-ha
Thanks, Ann and Dawn, for your nice comments :) Ann, I'm so glad the painting arrived and you like it!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, beautifulbeatifulbeautiful, you look terrific in those photos Rhonda, that warm and nice smile is so much like you!



RHCarpenter said...

Gracias, Teresa! :)