Thursday, May 29, 2008

5th Anniversary of SWAP - Paintings Shared

Well, it seems the participating members of SWAP (SharingWithArtistPartners), the yahoo group I manage, has come up with a scheme to send paintings to me in commemoration of our 5th year anniversary! Can you believe it?

I tell you, I cannot imagine working with a better group. They are the most caring and giving people I've met - even if I've only met most of them online.

These paintings have to be shared.

So take a gander at the artwork that is finding its way to my mailbox each day! Amazing!!! This group really ROCKS!!! Thank you thank you thank you all!!!


Sandy Maudlin said...

How wonderful. And I'll bet you're the most giving, kindest person of all. So glad you're being the recipient of beautiful artwork:-D

RHCarpenter said...

Now, Sandy, you know me much better than that! haha But I sure am getting a big smile on my face each time that mailman/woman stops their truck and opens the door with a package or two in his/her hands! I had no idea the SWAP members were so sneaky!!!

Nava said...

That is so incredibly nice for people to show their appreciation in such a unique way!! so many take things for granted without bothering to say Thank You - so this is a real heart warmer.