Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Lamb Sketch + Spring Lamb on Tyvek

I had to make myself sit and draw this little lamb. How hard could it be?? Not at all...once I made myself start. So now to the tyvek to draw him on there and start painting.

I feel stuck and down in the dumps. Someone else on their blog called it the EOWS = end of winter slump. Maybe we'll get energized next week or next...whenever the breeze blows a warm breeze and you can open the windows and get some fresh air - and it stops raining.

Anyway, I used the tyvek that a friend sent me (I couldn't get the crease out of it where it was folded and I'd wet it and left it under a gatorboard and heavy books for days so once it's creased, its creased - maybe that could be incorporated into a painting someday). I started on that just playing with color and realized the color really settled into the lines (almost like an inked batik) and I couldn't lift it even though it wasn't staining color. So I will have to think about how to use that paper.
On the tyvek I got from Sandy (which I has coated with matte medium), I drew the lamb and then put a dark shape behind him. I just kept going, trying to shape his wool with colors but not too dark. How many colors can you put into a white lamb? I stopped counting as I was mixing some darks and greys in warms and cools.


Dawn said...

Hi Rhonda,

isn't tyvek a type of plastic, it is waterproof right? I see it on sides of houses... anyway your lamb is a cutie, and since I am doing swans or well suppose to be working on swans I need to know how many colors are in white?

RHCarpenter said...

Yes, Dawn, Tyvek is the same thing that you see on houses :) Myrna Wacknov uses it and a few other watercolor artists do - so I tried it. It's a bit like yupo painting but it has more texture already in the "paper" itself.
There used to be a commercial for Tootsie Roll Pops: Someone asked the wise old owl "How many licks does it take to get to the middle of the Tootsie Roll Pop?" The wise old owl started licking and bit into the pop after only three licks. He announced, "Thhhrrrreee!" Maybe that's how many colors are in a white lamb or swan?? :)

Deborah A. Léger said...

YOur lamb is really cute Rhonda. I like him better on the tyvek than the yupo. Which did you like using best? Have you tried the twinrocker yet? ONly three colours in a white lamb or swan? LOL. The owl cheated.

RHCarpenter said...

I think I'm a better painter than I was 3 year's ago, Deb, so that's the difference, not necessarily the surface. I like the tyvek coated with matte medium - you can lift off to white easily and you still get the texture. He's floating (so everyone told me) and I need to fix that but this is just what happens when you paint when you don't feel like painting! You don't think!
Yes, the owl cheated! I used 5 colors in the white - Quin Magenta, Quin Burnt Orange, French Ultramarine Blue, Undersea Green, and a Red Rock color - a granulating dark brick red.