Monday, February 18, 2008

Show Redux + Donations

Sandy took a photo of my work that isn't so tilted so I'll share it here. She also got some candid shots of people talking art and whatever else they were talking about :) That's my sister and Mom looking through the art bin by the flag :) And my Jerry - the blonde in the cobalt blue shirt.

And Saturday evening Jerry and I each donated one art piece to help Redwood Rehabilitation Center in Edgewood, KY. We dropped off the pieces at the "open house" of friends, George and Louise, and were able to turn in our pieces and have them documented for the auction in March at the Redwood Express event (they have this every year but this is the first year we've done this). I worked with autistic children (all under age 6) for 3 years back when I was more able to do it and Redwood has many autistic children and adults they help.

My piece is "Dancing Jellyfish," and is watercolor on gold gessoed paper.
Jerry's photo is "Party Animal" and is of his favorite model, our red-eyed tree frog, George :)


Sandy Maudlin said...

George needs a little red bow tie! How cool that you donate to such a good cause:-)

Carol Carter said...

hi rhonda.. wonderful work.. and glorious website! i so look forward to meeting you and working with you.........

thanks for your post on my blog... it means a lot!

happy painting.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Your display looks great, Rhonda! Art shows like this are a lot of work, but so rewarding also. I wish you luck in selling these, although they look so good that I think luck will have little to do with it.

I also applaud your and Jerry's donation to this wonderful cause. George does indeed look festive in the photo.


Suzanne said...

Gold gesso? Did you make that or can I buy it? Please fill me in on the details.

RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Carol! Thanks so much for your positive comments! If I could only use color the way you do...but I'm going to learn :)
Thanks, Susan :) It was the first time we've been asked to donate and it's a great cause and a big event every year (my sister will go and tell us if we get any interest in our work - hope so).
Suzanne, the gold gesso can be purchased ONLY from Dick Blick - I think it was made for Carol O'Connor when she couldn't find it anymore. They now have different gessoes, white, black, gold, different tinted kinds. It is much fun to paint on gesso and this works like regular gesso - lifts easily back to the color, etc. I've done a large geisha on gold gesso and it worked great for that subject.

RHCarpenter said...

Sandy, Jerry said he doesn't think we can put a bowtie on George - too small and his neck is too tiny and he's too - hoppy! haha