Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frozen Days + Ruined Pots

Well, didn't got to figure drawing Saturday - too cold and frozen and yucky out and just didn't leave the house at all. In fact, I haven't left the house for days - ut oh! I feel cabin fever coming on!!!

And I also ruined the 3rd in the series of Shaker Kitchen "pots" paintings. I did this on a very small (1/8 sheet) of hotpress (UGH!) paper and if that wasn't bad enough to start - I just didn't think it through and kept working the paper and working the paper!!!

Oh, well, I will do this one over - on coldpress or rough (I think I have some of that) and a larger sheet (at least 1/4 sheet) and will plan it better - consider this mess practice! haha

The only thing I like is the covers on the pots and the basket - I'm going to work on doing this next one with drybrush technique to get all the textures. It may take a stay tuned!


Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Rhonda, I can relate to not wanting to go out into the cold weather that we have been having this year. I'm in the Chicago area and it has been the coldest, snowyest and longest winter that I can remember. I just keep holding on to the thought that it will soon be spring. Well, I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Since you were one of the first five to leave a comment, you won a pair of my greeting cards. I will leave you my email address and if you like, you can email me the address where you would like me to ship these to. Best regards and keep up the lovely work. Your watercolor work is beautiful!

Debbie Egizio


Sandy Maudlin said...

So what happens if you cool off the ground/wood thingy? The greenish yellow seems to get a whole lot of attention, but maybe it's my computer monitor?
I like the composition a lot. Looking forward to seeing it in person:-)

Dawn said...

Rhonda I love the green basket in the corner. I would like to see it!

Suzanne said...

I can relate to the ruin and sticking close to home because of the yucky weather. I've been avoiding the gym even (bad idea!) because the flu has shut down entire school systems in the region and that's where I caught something last year that put me out of commission for two months. The important thing is that you're working and that spring is just around the corner. More daylight soon, too.

RHCarpenter said...

I am going to visit your shop, Debbie, next time I'm in the Naperville, IL area to visit inlaws!! Can't wait! And I'm sooo pleased to be one of the lucky ones to get a pair of your cards!!! I never win anything - maybe my luck is turning this year?
Sandy, once you see this mess in person, you'll know it's only going to be good as fire-starter in the fireplace to keep us warm! haha I have started over with another idea - perhaps a bit of collage or rice paper? Hmmmm?
Dawn, I do what to do something interesting to the green basket so I am going to try drybrushing the layers - until I get too bored with that.
Suzanne, spring has to come - soon, right? Jerry and I are looking at houses to rent in Florida for a week or so - we need sunshine and warmth!!! And walking on the beach and listening to the waves, and....oh, just no more snow!!! URG!!! We are still working out at least twice a week but it's hard to get in 3 times a week as busy as we've been.