Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007 - Pounding Rain

I asked Sandy (my wc teacher) how she would do the rain in this one and she came up with a complete value study/sketch! Since I have to do one of my own with my own composition (can't just copy her sketch because it's not mine), I worked on it last evening. I've posted Sandy's version (at the right side).

And I'm posting my version after I tweaked it a bit more - I wanted the walkway to lead our eye into the painting and I wanted the signals to be on the right side and I got rid of the post (I had drawn it in but Jerry said he didn't like it and since I wasn't attached to it - out it went).
The brown at the upper left is a coffee stain - sorry!

Now I need to get painting!

And again - the photographer is DZZ at MorgueFile and his name is Dmitry (all there is in the info) from Russia - he calls the photo Rainstorm (


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I love your second figure from Tuesday nght. Really looks good.

Value study for rain - check out the space above and to the left of the umbrella - need better shape there, I think. Maybe the right hand side of the sidewalk could flair almost straight down off the page instead of pulling to the left. Happy painting.
Makes me want to try a rainy scene.

Anonymous said...

One more comment - directional dominance is important in every painting. Your value study has almost equal horizontal, vertical and diagonal dominance.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Sandy - that figure was done with vine charcoal but I think it needs some harder charcoal to get the darks better.
I'll try to see the directional dominance in the painting and work on it, too :)