Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thursday, Apr. 19, 2007 - Fitton Run

Jerry and I had to go to Hamilton, OH to pick up the pieces that didn't get into the Fitton Show. I've got the geisha painting going in the Evergreen show next month so she won't sit at home for long (well, you know geisha's never sit at home for long :) The Fitton Show opens Sunday, April 29th from 3-5. It would be interesting to see what did get in and I think we got a sneak peek today because some of the paintings were on the wall downstairs - they were, um...nontraditional and interesting.

After leaving Fitton, we stopped at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park (, a 265 acre park with large sculptures (54 in all) displayed along a route you can drive with little ponds interspersed between the hills and valleys. The rain had stopped so we got out and walked a bit, seeing the little Pioneer Spring and house (in stone) up close.

And then we stopped by Espresso2, a cafe/coffee shop in Anderson Township, where artists Tamara Scantland Adams and Susan Grogan were showing their work as well as photographer Mark Kahles. Beautiful things to feast the eyes upon while sipping the delicious coffee drinks offered there.

A full day so no painting done today.

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