Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday, Apr. 14 - What Happened to Spring?

Cold, rain, wind, cold, rain and wind!
What happened to spring?

Thanks to the comments I got at WatercolorWorkshop, I added some green to the Little Seas No. 4 painting and darkened under the waves a bit. I also put some of the violet in the water that is in the sky - but it isn't scanning well to show it.

And this is a little card I did for a birthday get-together in June. I wanted it to be masculine. Watercolor and white, black and red grease pencils with a touch of irridescent medium (I was playing, I admit).


Anonymous said...

The peacock drawing is cool. Grabbed my eye right away. How 'bout making the two separate red shapes less similar in size?

No Fitton? You can always use those rejection letters to wallpaper your bathroom. Jerry surely wouldn't mind and the areas that still need to be sanded some can be hidden???
See you Monday.

Scheduling Carol Carter for a workshop here in '08!

RHCarpenter said...

Hey, Sandy! You found a way to post a remark :) Yep - made them just about the same, didn't I?? I was having too much fun with the grease pencils.
Fitton - ah, well, you win some you lose some...
Carol Carter??? WOW!!! Count me in and let me know when :)